Hall Research T² (Teaching through Technology) Program

Program Overview

The Hall Research T² Program has been created to give educational institutions, including primary, secondary, and higher education institutions the opportunity to receive grants for classroom A/V control equipment manufactured by Hall Research.

To apply for a T² Grant from Hall Research:

1.       Complete the Hall Research T² Grant Application below.

2.       Once an application has been received, a member of the Grant Committee will contact the applicants to review their application details, and to help identify the appropriate equipment needs for the applicant.

3.       The Grant Committee will meet on a monthly basis to evaluate the applications submitted and to select the grant recipients.

4.       Educational institutions chosen for a T² Grant will be notified of their selection by telephone. It will be at this time that the arrangements for delivery of equipment will be coordinated.

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Terms and Conditions:

Hall Research reserves the right to review and modify the T² Program Terms and Conditions at any time, and without prior notice.

Only educational institutions are eligible to apply for a T² Grant. Consultants and contractors may not apply for grants on behalf of their clients. Public and private primary, secondary, and higher education institutions are eligible to apply for a grant.  Educational institutions that are awarded grants agree to have their awarded equipment installed within 12 months. The costs associated with the installation of equipment from Hall Research are not covered by the grant. Additionally, Hall Research reserves the right to publicly announce the names of the educational institutions that receive grant awards and use installation photographs in print and web-based marketing materials.